What do you know about my life?

Many people say oh i know that girl! I've seen her around and start naming off many things that are untrue and many people say, really! Has she? When the other person is just telling lies! Well now it is time for you to get to know the real me and for you to test how much you actually know about me!

So, how much do you actually know about me? Do you know everything about everything or do you just think you do? Thanks to my new quiz you will find out!

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  1. For how many years have i lived in the Netherlands?
  2. What sport/s do i do?
  3. For how many years have i swum competitivly?
  4. How many years do i plan to live in the Netherlands?
  5. How many siblings do i have?
  6. What year am i in at school?
  7. What countries have i lived in?
  8. How many more questions is there to go in this thing?
  9. Will this thing ever end?
  10. how many more, r u getting bored?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about my life?