What Do You Know About Mondo?

This Quiz Is For Anyone Who Thinks They Know Me. I'm Very Mysterious Right? Well, Maybe Not But Not Many People Can Say They Know Me Well. If Your One Of The Few.....Congradulations

Seriously, This Is Probably The Easiest Quiz You Will Ever Take. In Fact You Don't Even Need To Know Me To Take It. But No Ones Putting A Gun To Your Head.

Created by: Armando

  1. What's My Middle Name?
  2. What High School Did I Attend?
  3. What Size Hat Do I Wear?
  4. Where Do I Work?
  5. My Favorite Rapper?
  6. What's My Favorite Skate Brand?
  7. My Favorite Soda?
  8. How Many Kids Do I Have?
  9. What's My Dog's Name?
  10. My AKA?
  11. What Would I Rather Do?
  12. What's My Status?
  13. Would I Rather...
  14. Lady In My Life?
  15. The Name Of My First Son?
  16. What Matters To Me The Most?
  17. Where Will I Be 50 Years From Now?

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Quiz topic: What do I Know About Mondo?