What do you know about Hindu funerals?

A great resource for RE teaching! Topic: Hindu funerals.This test is great for testing children's knowledge of Hindu funerals.What have they learnt about Hindu funerals? Time to find out!

How much do you know about Hindu funerals?Find out by taking the test!There are 10 questions, simple True or False answers.See how much you have learnt about Hindu funerals.Good luck!

Created by: Ilsley
  1. Hindus are usually burried.
  2. Hindu funerals are conducted by the wife of the dead person.
  3. Rice balls called pindas are placed next to the dead person.
  4. Hindu funerals can only take place in India.
  5. Water is sprinkled over the dead body.
  6. The burning ghats are on the river Nile.
  7. Wooden beads and flowers are placed around the neck of the dead person.
  8. Many Hindus have large tombstones giving details of the person's life.
  9. Hindus are cremated because they believe it will allow the soul to escape quickly from the body.
  10. Sometimes ghee and incense are put on the pyre.

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Hindu funerals?