What do YOU know about Graystripe

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Love Warrior Cats? Love trivia? Take a quiz about a Warrior Cat favorite, Graystripe! Hopefully you will learn more about Graystripe and have fun while doing it too!

Enjoy learning about Graystripe and other Warrior Cats too! Continue to read Wrrior Cats if your score is low OR high. Enjoy learning about Warrior Cats along the way!

Created by: WarriorCatLover101
  1. What color is Graystripe's eyes?
  2. Who was Graystripe secretly going out with from Riverclan?
  3. Who was Graystripe's (Graypaw at the time) mentor?
  4. Which of these traits is one of Graystripe's?
  5. Did Graystripe ever switch clans?
  6. Who did Graystripe mentor?
  7. Who is Graystripe's best friend from Thunderclan?
  8. Which of these options two of Graystripe's kits?
  9. Which of these DIDN'T happen to Graystripe?
  10. How many mates did Graystripe have in all?

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