What do they Black Butler characters think of you?

Enjoy my quiz! :) I think it's really cool so yea I hope you do to! TRY NOT TO GET YOUR SOUL EATEN!!!! Also I really like Black Butler so yea I really do!

If you are a Drocell fan (there aren't that many sadly) YOU ARE SUPER COOL!!!! Then again anyoe who likes Black Butler is SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Created by: Sebastian-chan
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  1. Let's just start it of with some RP!! You walk into the Phantomhive manor and are greeted by Sebastian (fangirl squeal) who immediately starts giving you a tour.The tour is going great until you hear a loud crash. Mey-Rin has broken an expensive vase. What do you do and say.
  2. Sebastian yells at Mey-Rin and walks away. What do you say to Mey-Rin?
  3. Ciel comes in and sees the broken vase. He glares at Mey-Rin and asks if your okay. What do you say?
  4. RP over sorry. What's your favorite kind of flower?
  5. Whose your favorite character?
  6. What genre do you think Black Butler is?
  7. What's your favorite episode of Black Butler?
  8. Favorite color? Sorry I had to ask.
  9. Okay more RP! Alois comes to the manor and starts making fun of Ciel. What do you do and say?
  10. YAY YOU SAVED CIEL! Thanks for taking my quiz did you like it?

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