what disney mermaid are you

do you like disney? do you like disney mermaids? In this quiz you will find out which disney mermaid you would be if you were one. take this quiz to see which mermaid you are

in this quiz you will answer questions that will help you decide whether or not you are one of Ariels sisters, her daughter, or Ariel herself. (Arista, Attina, Adella, Andrina, Aquata, Melody, Ariel)

Created by: melody13

  1. what is your favorite color
  2. what is more important to you
  3. what are your hobbies
  4. what would you rather be
  5. what don't you like
  6. how would your friends describe you
  7. how would you fix your hair
  8. what kind of music do you like
  9. what color is your hair
  10. I would do anything to make my dreams come true

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Quiz topic: What disney mermaid am I