What diapers do you WANT!

What kind of diapers do you really like the most? Well there's three different types how do you pick!? This quiz should tell you what you want more...

Once again my quiz my not be fully accurate but I'm trying people. This should only be my fifth quiz and it's for ABs, DLs, or curious people so I hope you're happy with your result. THIS QUIZ HAS 15 QUESTIONS. THE GENDER AND AGE QUESTIONS ARE NEUTRAL.

Created by: Alias Neo

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First off, which diaper listed is your most favourite?
  2. What age group would you be in if it had to be one of these for a day?
  3. Do you like to pee your pants? Or do you like to poop your pants?
  4. Would you rather pee your pants on accident or on purpose?
  5. Would you poop yourself on accident or on purpose?
  6. Would you wet the bed on purpose?
  7. Would you mess the bed?
  8. Do you like peeing on yourself (peeing your pants on purpose) or pooping?
  9. Which would you want?
  10. Do you wear diapers for fun?
  11. Go in you pants... (you don't have to)
  12. Do you need diapers?
  13. Last question, if you had to wear diapers on a bet or dare for a certain undefined amount of time, would you want to be incontinent and have accidents or have full control and go on purpose?

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Quiz topic: What diapers do I WANT!