What ****~dere Are You?

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Please don't hate on me because this is my first quiz.... And I can't spell very good because I have dislexia and I also have a couple of syndroms such as turret syndrum so please I will always love u guys and stay kind!!!!

Ohh I just can't get over my Sempi ps if u don't know what idk or idc means well here u go idk I don't know idc I dont care.... BYE And good luck on the quiz!!!!

Created by: AlphaLeiaUltima

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  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!Lets role play a bit.... (Sempi=me) (You=u) on the first day of school we get assign desk and you sit behind me what do you don?
  2. After class at the court yard we actently bump into each other and fall down and you drop your books and I help u pick up the books
  3. At lunch I sit 2 tables away looking away what would u do?
  4. It's prom time and I ask your best friend....
  5. At prom I ask you where she was (will not effect score if didn't kill her)
  6. When prom ended I asked u out what would u do....
  7. Almost over) do u like this quiz so far?
  8. What's your personally type?
  9. What's ur fav color (u knew it was coming)!!!! *:....:*'(*▽*)'*:.. ..:**
  10. Did you think it was a waist of time?
  11. Which one do you think or want?mof what u got

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Quiz topic: What ****~dere am I?