What Death Note Charater Are You?

There are many characters in Death Note, five are listed here. Some questions are more obvious then others. A few dont count, just FYI.I hope you enjoy it!

What character are you most like? Potato chip lover Light? Candy loving L? If you really want to know, you should take my quiz... OF EPICNESS!!! Really though, take the quiz.

Created by: MoonFox

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  1. Who is your favorite character?
  2. What is your favorit color? (i dont care how often you get asked, just answer it!)
  3. Do you like Apples?
  4. Potato Chip...
  5. What character do you hate the most?
  6. What is your favorite type of food?
  7. Did you know what a shinigami was BEFORE you knew about Death Note? (be honest)
  8. What side are you on? (Evil/Light or Justice/L)
  9. If you had a Deathnote, what would you do with it?
  10. What would you do when you meet your shinigami?
  11. Do you prefer Ryuk or Rem?
  12. Where would you hide your Deathnote?
  13. Did you like my quiz? (no affect)

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Quiz topic: What Death Note Charater am I?