what dance mom dancer are you?

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if you like dance moms this is the quiz for you!the results may be shocking but they are true,you can be paige hyland, brooke hyland,chloe lukasiak,maddie ziegler, or nia frazier

Are you a dance mom fanactic?!?!?! because if you are this quiz is for you!! there are 5 people you could be chosen from......so if you dont like your results then that is too bad! deal with it!

Created by: megan

  1. what is your favorite type of dance to watch or perform???
  2. what is your place on the pyramid?
  3. what is your favorite trio?
  4. What is your favorite duo
  5. what is your favorite solo?
  6. what is your favorite group dance???
  7. what is your favorite dancer on the show?
  8. how much do you like this show?
  9. what smiley face do you like the best?
  10. this quiz is over

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Quiz topic: What dance mom dancer am I?