What Culture Suits You (Second)

What ethnicity describes you? Well the stereotype of that ethnicity at least let's say that. Anyways are you American, French, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, or maybe British. Some people didn't like my last quiz so I made a new one. I hope you all like this one though.

So what are you? This quiz is like i said somewhat stereotypical, so note i don't think all people, or even sometimes most people of this ethnicity are like this. So please don't get mad.Also this is the URL to my old one, tell me which one you like better.[no urls]

Created by: Julia

  1. When you talk you are...
  2. Well I guess I should have started out with this but which one do you want to be (has very little effect, but it will effect your results a little bit)
  3. What is your average grade (or what do you think it would be now, not then)
  4. Do many people think you're nice?
  5. Just so you know this quiz is very stereotypical... do you think that's OK?
  6. You have ____ close friends
  7. So food wise which would you chose? (of the following)
  8. When it comes to family:
  9. Kids?
  10. What religion are you?
  11. You're (or consider yourself)
  12. You're a: (if you're in school substitute work with school)
  13. Fashion is:
  14. Will you get mad at the results (please don't cause its just a quiz...)

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Quiz topic: What Culture suits me (Second)