What Creature Are You?

Somebody once told me I was a little vampire because of the way my teeth are and by my blood fetish. Someone once called me an elf because of my sweet smile. Somebody once called me a sprite because I'm short. Someone once told me I'm a werewolf because of my meat cravings. I once told myself that I'm human. What're you?

So, what are you? What do people call you these days? Confirm your title by taking this quiz. Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? It'll only take a few minutes, I promise.

Created by: Lillica

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  1. So, let's start off easy. How tall are you?
  2. When it comes to weight, what are you?
  3. How is life treating you these days?
  4. Are you smart?
  5. When it comes to food, what are you?
  6. Please pick a word.
  7. Senario: You are traveling along a dirt road when suddenly, you hear someone screaming. As you approaching them, you notice that they are bleeding extensively and will die if not helped. What do you do?
  8. Simple question. Virgin or not?
  9. Pick a name.
  10. Where would you have someone to screw around?
  11. Which place do you prefer?
  12. Pick a time.
  13. Pick a quote.
  14. This question is irrelevant. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Creature am I?