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  • This was so bad, and for a test about GENDER IDENTITY - i would expect more options for your gender AND sexuality. Clearly the person who made this follows the gender binary and doesn't consider non-binaries (even if the results did include some NB options). Because of the fact I refused to answer many questions as I hardly fit into the categories, my result said I didn't care, when the only person here who doesn't care is clearly the creator of this quiz.

  • It said I was confusing gender with sexual orientation (which I'm not) and completely missed that there's such thing as gender fluid which is that the person can be masculine (male) feminine (female) both or neither at any given time.

    My results were around 50% for everything, so I'm assuming I'm gender fluid.

    I was not impressed by this quiz's results

  • I know quizzes like these are for fun or to get a small idea on gender identity but this is just bad. Second question already got me confused. Male or Female? Thats already mistake one. (Unless you meant birth sex, then I would recommend editing that) You missed pansexual so pan people are now confused and forced to answer with false identity. Mistake two. It ended with saying I dont fit in any categories of Im indecisive. You need to add genderfluid as a result. Mistake three. These questions get weird. Top or Bottom? What do you mean? Please refrain from confusing questions and use questions that could possibly help get a result. Mistake four. This is just one review, but many other people arent satisfied with the quality of this quiz. At least put a little more effort in designing these.

  • I do not understand the questions. Am I male or female (like assigned birth gender or what I identify with)? Answering as best as I could I got 70 % man and 38 % man (?). What's the difference? Since I guess I might be FtM transguy, that's about the result I could expect at this test.

    Ivy Raven
  • You missed pansexuality in the orientation section, also you mistook "gender" for "sex" in your second question

  • It says i either don't care about three quiz or that i don't fit for any result WTF THAT'S NOT AN ANSWER WHAT AN I THEN WHAT'S THIS MEAN

  • I got 87% you are a woman.

    I will be transitioning to become female, so yes, that is correct... kind of.

  • I got tied for both and neither, but there are more than two genders, just to let you know.

  • WOW 93% woman what a shock, no not really. Well maybe that it wasn't higher.

  • I have no idea on what to think about this test.

  • Ther are two "man" results (as well as two "woman") results? im 50% "you are a man" and 50% "you're a man" so i guess im a guy but complicated

  • LOL!!!! GUILTY!

  • A bit of both

  • 89% Woman......That explains the MTF Transgender female that I am

  • I'am one of the girls now wow


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