What Cookie Are You??

There are many cookies in the world. So I picked a few and made a quiz about them!!! Are you a chocolate chip cookie, or a lemon cookie? Take this quiz to find out!!

These are all great cookies!!! So no matter which one you get, it doesn't really matter, so if you get a cookie you hate, you don't have to like it just because you got it here.

Created by: choco chipper!!!!

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a color. Not your favorite, just pick a random color or colors.
  2. Which Does NOT exsist?
  3. Pick a tree, any tree!
  4. Pick a number:
  5. Do you wear glasses
  6. Where are you right now? (In the non-stalker way)
  7. Pick a fruit:
  8. What kind of computer are you on?
  9. What is your favorite search engine?
  10. Pick a Pattern:
  11. Which word do you think is the most random?
  12. ARE YOU READY??????

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Quiz topic: What Cookie am I??