What colour braces should ya get?

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Hi reader, your not sure what braces colour to get. Well don’t worry as this quiz can help. You will need to be honest in this quiz, GOOD LUCK 🤔🙂🤪😜

So u will be asked a series of questions. Please take your time and answer them all. Make sure to check your answers. Comment what colour you got and if you like that colour or not, helpful feedback is always appreciated.

Created by: Jasmine
  1. Your age
  2. Pick a combo
  3. Do you have braces
  4. What colour eyes
  5. What colour skin
  6. If you have braces, what colour now
  7. Are u a boy
  8. Are u a girl
  9. Are u scared that people may treat u different
  10. Random questionWhere in the world are you

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