what color bronco are you?

There are lots of Ford Bronco's but very few that get to enjoy not only the open road,but a little mud action at the same time,or even a few truck shows.Trucks are one of my favorite things.especially getting to take them out and have a little bit of a crazy time with them.not all trucks are made for the everday scene.

What color bronco are you? have you ever wanted to find out? well now you can. come take this fun quiz and you can post the answers on your myspace.learn a little more about yourself and your truck all at the same time. you never know you may have more in common than what you're aware of.

Created by: j.w.
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do you like your trucks?
  2. what do you do with your truck?
  3. what extras do you have on your truck?
  4. what do others think about your truck?
  5. how many people can your truck haul?
  6. what does your wife or g/f think of your truck?
  7. how much money do you spend on your truck monthly?
  8. if you could take your truck anywhere in the world,where would you take it?
  9. if you could do 1 thing to your truck right now,what would you do?
  10. if your wife or g/f wanted to make love in your truck,where would you do it at in your truck?

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Quiz topic: What color bronco am I?