are you a true bronco fan

there are a couple smart true bronco fans out there, but some are just the top of the chart and that is what i am looking for.others just dont even come close to being a true bronco fan, you think your a true bronco fan then take this quiz

are you a bronco fan think so then take this quiz to see if it is true.if so then you can come speak to the broncos master at myspace any more questions that you think i dont kno then leave e a message and ill be hapy to answer

Created by: paul
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  1. what was the first year denver went to the super bowl
  2. what year did the baltimore colts trade the broncos for john elway
  3. what years did denver win a super bowl
  4. who is denvers staring qb as of december
  5. did denver win the afc championship game in 2005
  6. who did denver beat to get to the afc championship in 2005
  7. who was the superbowl mvp in 1998
  8. has denver ever lost to the cardinals as of december 16 2006
  9. what does denver always have a success in
  10. how many years was john elway with the broncos

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Quiz topic: Am I a true bronco fan