what clothing style are you

hi! it is really fun to get new clothes. in this quiz you will also see your style! every one has different style and we are all uniqe in our own way!

hope you enjoy this quiz. my style is casual but crazy! i wonder if yours is like mine! i hope you enjoy the quiz!!!!! whatever your style is though, you shine bright like a diamond

Created by: kk3344

  1. what are you most likely to wear
  2. what colour would you paint your nails
  3. what is your Hogwarts house
  4. what shoes do you wear
  5. what is your typical Saturday night
  6. am I pretty
  7. are you mean
  8. what would you want your middle name to be
  9. do you eat apples
  10. how do you find high heels

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Quiz topic: What clothing style am I