What class 1a student from bhna are you??

Hi there quiztaker-chan!So... the question is left unanswered "which class 1a bhna character am I??" Well this is exactly why I made this quiz! Well I nean duh.Not all of the students are here sorry, plz dont get mad.

So just so you know the students you will get is either The Kind Midoriya,(midoriya:H-hi),The cheerful Ochaco(ochaco:Hey there!),The caring Tsuyu(tsuyu:Can me tsu ribbit),the cold todoroki(todoroki:..)The 'I dont give a f#@' bakugo(bakugo:whatever) and the intellegent yaomomo(yaomomo:Hello)

Created by: Robyn-chan

  1. Hi there quiztaker-chan!
  2. Plz dont kill me for this question.What is your favourite colour?
  3. Which of these foods do you like?
  4. If one of the students asked to out(and you have a crush on them) what are you likely to do
  5. What do you do in your free time
  6. Ok so I am going to bring them in and they will ask some questions okay?
  7. Me:Alright yall can come in *they walk inside*Yaomomo:Author-san who is thisMe:Oh right guys this is the quiztaker you are here to ask them qu questions
  8. Me:So who wants to go first?Ochaco:Ooh me I wanna go!Hi quiztaker-chan!Do you gave any sibilings?
  9. Deku:C-can I go?Bakugo:DEKU STOP ACTING LIKE A IDIOT!!Me: *mumbles* says the idiot *talks* Sure go deku.And Bakugo shut up!Deku:S-so do do you wanna see my n-notes I wrote on pro heros and students?
  10. Todoroki:I'll go nextMe:SureTodoroki:Do you hate your dad?
  11. Me:Bakugo why dont you ask a question?Bakugo:NoMe:Do it or I will call your mom!Bakugo:Whatever.Whats your quirk extra?
  12. Tsuyu:Hi quiztaker-chan.I'll go ask a question.ribbit.Me:Ok go ahead tsuTsuyu:Who do you think is best girl?ribbit
  13. Yaomomo:May I go?Me:SureYaomomo:Ho are you in school
  14. Me:Thats all for today guys say your goodbyes to quiztaker-chan.Ochaco: Bye quiztaker-chan! *leaves*Deku:Bye quiztaker-chan nice to meet you! *leaves*Bakugo: Whatever *leaves*Yaomomo:Goodbye quiztaker-san *leaves*Tsu:See ya ribbit *leaves*Todoroki:Bye *leaves
  15. I hope you liked the quiz! This is my first one anyways.So it sucks.Bye quiztaker-chan! See you in the next quiz. UwU

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Quiz topic: What class 1a student from bhna am I??