What Clan are you u in?

This quiz will determine what warrior cats clan your in, windclan? Skyclan? Shadowclan? Thunderclan? Who knows! I personally love Windclan, i think the fact that they dig tunnels is so cool!

Your sure to love this quiz, as its fun! If you dont like the results you want, then just redo it! I’m sure you will get your favourite clan. This AMAZING quiz is made by Alice :)

Created by: Alice

  1. Whats your fav prey?
  2. Another Clan is intruding, what do you do?
  3. Your hunting, what do you catch?
  4. Your leaders evil, do you support?
  5. A rouge wants to join your clan ( your leader )
  6. What clan do you think you are in?
  7. Whats ur fav pre-fix
  8. Whats ur fav suf-fix
  9. Do you like warriors
  10. Do you like backround cats or main protagonists ( villins included )

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Quiz topic: What Clan am I u in?