What city should you live in?

There are four cities: Paris, London, New York City, and Los Angeles. They are four of the many mega cities out there! Which one should you live in?

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Created by: lala4567
  1. Would you like to have the beach close to your home?
  2. Do you like shopping?
  3. Do you like History? Like historic buildings and such?
  4. Do you like skyscrapers, malls, lots of highways?
  5. Paris or London?
  6. Do you like warm weather?
  7. Choose one:
  8. How are you enjoying this quiz?
  9. Do you wish there were more cities to choose from other then Paris, London, New York City and Los Angeles? If yes, name the city in the comments page.
  10. Please Rate and comment?
  11. Thank you for taking my quiz

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Quiz topic: What city should I live in?