What church do you belong to?

This quiz is to show what the true body of believers believe when it comes to the Word of Christ. A Christian is one that obeys all of God's laws and loves his son Jesus Christ.

Are you a true NT Christian? Is there only one way to Heaven? Do you know that one way as described in the Bible? Do you acknowledge it? God Bless you. God is good.

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  1. How many churches did Christ "build"?
  2. Can you be saved with out immersion baptism?
  3. "Upon this rock" was in reference to whom?
  4. You can be any denomination you want to be?
  5. The pope is the head of the church?
  6. Speaking in tongues is okay?
  7. We are bound to the Old Testament?
  8. Everyone, no matter what church they attend will reach Heaven?
  9. You can be saved just by asking?
  10. In the beginning Christ was with God?

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Quiz topic: What church do I belong to?