What chess piece are you?

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Welcome to the ultimate chess quiz where you will find out what chess piece you are and why, whether that being rook, bishop, knight, pawn, king or queen.

In this test you will answer a variety of questions that will then later come with the result with a description of why you're technically that chess piece.

Created by: Adonis
  1. Do you have above average strength?
  2. Would you consider yourself intelligent?
  3. Are you usually the leader of a team school gyms or other sports or overall?
  4. Do you watch tiktok?
  5. What would you promote usually promote a pawn to?
  6. Do you workout 100 pushups everyday?
  7. If there was a situation where someone kidnaps a kid with a van and runs off what you do?
  8. What do you call a gay person?
  9. What chess piece do you think you are?
  10. Is chess the best board game?

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Quiz topic: What chess piece am I?