Mystery Inside Of Me

This is a quiz about a dream i made myself have,and i acted it out myself,but the difference is you are in it now,you're a pawn in a game of chess.are you ready?

you better be,or else,do you belive?are you an imaginator? and are you strong,smart and creative enough to beat the game of mysteries??? its reality now,be ready

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. its morning,you just got up you:
  2. After shcool,you walk home,and stare out the window for sometime until bed.
  3. once in bed,you lightly sleep,when you wake up...theres a bright light in your eyes,a BLINDING LIGHT.
  4. you open your eyes,it was just a dream or was it?
  5. you get up for your morning routine,you look out side,shocked you rub your eyes,its a vast lake by the woods...instead of sand and trees
  6. You run down stairs to your parents,but your parents look different...your mom is blond and your dad is tall and brown haired
  7. you creep back upstairs without saying anything,you look in a mirror,that'd you've never had,just like everything're a 12 yr old bboy,with blond shaggy hair and a little fuzz
  8. you stare in shock at the mirror,but force yourself to go back in your room,once your ready for school you run out side for the bus.but something hits you,what is it?
  9. at school you think:
  10. Do you know that your the new kid at your old school?
  11. Do You Belive?
  12. the end is here,are you ready?

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