what character from alice in wonderland would you be?

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HERE you will not onlly relise who you would be in wonderland but allso what strange things in wonderland think some think crazzilly others are just down right evil

are you alice ,the mad hater ,the red queen ,the white queen ,stayne ,the white rabbit ,tweedldee or dum this quiz will decide so jump on and enjoy the ride!

Created by: kirra

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  1. you hear that alice has come you..
  2. you arrive at the mad haters party you..
  3. you have been shrunk you...
  4. your favorite thing to do is..
  5. your going to a party you wear..
  6. you see a dying beetle you..
  7. you come face to face with the jabberwocky you..
  8. your favorite food is...
  9. you have the chance to leave wonderland you...
  10. did you enjoy the quiz [does not effect score]

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