What character are you from MLP?

There are many people attracted to watching My Little Pony. But have you ever wondered which one your like? Serious My little pony fans wonder this every day. Do you want to find out.

Only a few will the pony they want. Will you be one of the lucky few? You better hope so random dude! This might be surprising to you and open up a whole new part of you.

Created by: Caelin

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  1. Who is your favorite Character?
  2. If I called up one of your friends, what would they say Your like?
  3. Can you answer the blank from this MLP song? Rainbowdash needs your ____.
  4. Was Twilight Sparkle a unicorn or a Pegasus first?
  5. Name 3 Relatives of Applejack
  6. I want to know your fave color
  7. What's your talent?
  8. What do you think of Spike?
  9. What are the elements of harmony? Kindness, Generosity, Magic, ____, ______ , ______.
  10. What is your fate man?

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Quiz topic: What character am I from MLP?