what celebrity are you?

Are you brave enough to take my amazing quiz, dont be scared, find out what celebrity you are or most like, you could be rihanna or eminem, there are loads, so take this quiz NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!

Are you ready? ready to take a quiz that you have been waiting for your whole life, because what is a quiz? a quiz is something people do when there bored or to find out what they are really like, find out what celebrity you are in just under 5minutes

Created by: leanna
  1. what would you wear?
  2. favourite colour
  3. what animal do you like best
  4. favourite food?? x
  6. what lesson do u like best
  7. what would u say u are
  8. what are you into more
  9. what celebrity do you like best
  10. what group do u like better
  11. what would u say to your boyfriend if he cheated on you

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Quiz topic: What celebrity am I?