what celeb are you most like

you are so awsome you feel true to who you are and is not scared to do what you want smart crazy and really fun you might be famous one day for just doing what you love

good job you did your best and completed the test you are so cra cra and have good taste in almost everything you do and your wven probbaly good looking

Created by: kaylyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite ice cream
  2. what is your favorite old or new disney channel show
  3. what is your favorite shoe brand
  4. who is your romodle
  5. whats your favorite fashion sense
  6. whats your favorite hobby
  7. whats your favorite type of music
  8. what do your friends think you are
  9. do you like justin bieber
  10. who can you easily talk to
  11. (bounus) do like this quiz so far (same amount of points for each answer)
  12. do you judge others
  13. (last)whats your favorite type of food

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Quiz topic: What celeb am I most like