What cat are u?

Well done if u get what u are hoping for.Just because u got CRAZY CAT does not mean u are dull.CRAZY CAT is very fun and well liked.Just because u got cuddly cat does not mean u are a sissy.It could mean u are caring and kind!

Do u not need this quiz?Could u have a good enough mind to see yourself?Then u would probably be clever cat!If u do not know u will soon find out thanks to this amazing quiz!

Created by: christine

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. There is a dog on a chain how do u act?[U are a cat on this question]
  2. Its the summer holidays!
  3. Its bath time.[U are a cat on this question]
  4. What do u like about a roller coaster?
  5. Your fave...
  6. Most like u...
  7. Where would u rather go for a holiday?
  8. You would rather write...
  9. Do u love ice cream?
  10. Did u like this test?

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