What Candy Are You?

They say you are what you eat. So why not experiment and find out just how what you snack on is guided by your personality? You could have a hidden sweet tooth that you never knew you had.

What kind of candy do you think you are? Take this quiz and find out the answer may surprise you! You could be a much different kind of confection than you ever thought you were.

Created by: Andy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you could take any vacation you for any amount of time what would you do?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. What is your favorite season?
  4. What is your favorite movie?
  5. If you go on a trip what way do you prefer to travel?
  6. Have you ever traveled outside of the country?
  7. Would you rather live in the city or the country?
  8. Do you like heights?
  9. Do you drink soda or iced tea?
  10. Do you know another language?

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Quiz topic: What Candy am I?