What breed of shark would you be?

Ever since you were little baby you have wondering 'what type of shark would I be if I was not human?' and 'When will stella make a quiz about this matter'. Well today's your lucky day!!

Stella has in fact made a quiz about this and YOU my dear friend are about to take it!Are you exited?, pumped?, nervous?, shaking in your new addition ugg boots? I hope you are!!

Created by: stella

  1. two people are having a fight what do you do?
  2. out of these what is your favourite hobbie?
  3. what is your favourite food
  4. your friend is having a wedding, what do you wear?
  5. what is your level of intelligence? answer truthfully
  6. how would you describe yourself?
  7. someone's got something you want. What do you do?
  8. how much do you care about your looks?
  9. out of these who is your favourite?
  10. hoe do people normally react when they see you?

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