Has your life jumped the shark?

As we get to our twenties, many people find themselves or their friends becoming total traitors to everything they used to hope to be when they grew up. Jumping the shark means, as in the Happy Days episode that proved the show was over, that things have not stayed cool.

Has your life jumped the varitable shark, or have you stood your ground as a slightly cool person? Have college, jobs, money, and relationships destroyed your cool, or is there still hope for you? Find out. Take the quiz.

Created by: shark
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  1. Are you currently working at a job that you like?
  2. This weekend I......
  3. I find myself acting more and more like my parents every day.
  4. As a teenager, I always hated people that are like I am now.
  5. I spend more time on the internet than I do with other people.
  6. My conversations increasingly include references to Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
  7. I used to have pretty sweet goals. Now, my only goal is to pay my debt.
  8. I find myself buying more clothes at department stores (dress pants) and less at the thrift store (t shirts).
  9. The last time I went out....
  10. The last time I wore khakis was...

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Quiz topic: Has my life jumped the shark?