are you a chill person

there are many people who feel that they are chill, but very few people actually fit in that mold. this is an abstract test for the people who know that they are chill and for everyone else who has to look in the mirror and ask themselves "do i measure up?"

are you a chill person? cooler than the fonz? well, cooler than him before he jumped over the shark? if you dont know what im talking about thats ok.....take the test and decide for yourself

Created by: kevin
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  1. your friend shows up to a party with a beautiful but stupid and obnoxious person do you
  2. a person has a booger hanging out of their nose do you
  3. jahova's witness show up at your door at 9am on a saturday morning do you
  4. a loved one in your family kindly informs you that your going to hell do you
  5. your roommate eats your last bit of ice cream do you
  6. somebody rear ends your car and there is only a scratch on your bumper and your not hurt
  7. your friend gets drunk and make an ass out of themselves at a party and people want to know who invited them do you say
  8. a member of the opposite sex who you barely know is clearly intoxicated and wants to make sexy time with you do you
  9. david bowie or barbara streisand
  10. west coast or east coast
  11. cliff diving or street racing

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Quiz topic: Am I a chill person