What Breed Of Horse Are YOU?

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Do you love horses? This quiz will help you figure out which breed you are most like. This is the perfect quiz for everyone! So try at it if you love horses!

This quiz contains popular breeds only, so it may not feature you favorite. But I can guarntee you will be satisfied with you results. This quiz is for all ages, too!

Created by: Jenna
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  1. You see someone at the libray who dropped their books. You...
  2. Your teacher annouces that you school is having a Jog-A-Thon and every one must participate. You...
  3. It is a rainy day and you wanted to do something outside. Instead, you...
  4. You have the choice to go swimming, hiking or shopping or horseback riding. You chose...
  5. You see horses for sale. One is a sweet mini, another is a champion Thoroughbred, and the last one is a GORGEOUS Arabian with a nasty temporment. You want
  6. Some finds a kitten and can't keep it. They ask you if you want it. You say:
  7. Your parents agree to buy you a new horse. You want:
  8. You see someone lost their hat. You...
  9. What do you think you will get?
  10. What type of riding do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What Breed Of Horse am I?