what horse breed are you

are you a horse lover do you have a favorit bred this quiz gives you an idea of what breed are you are you docil or wild what ywould you do in a situation tell use in this quiz

in just a few minutes you will find out what horse breed are you can you take a gusse always anser true to your self becuase it will always becomes true about you

Created by: mia
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  1. you want to go to the barn but your friends invite you to a movie what do you do
  2. you love to do what with your horse
  3. what would you name your horse if it was all black with a star on his forehead
  4. your horse gets hurt and your friends want to go ridding but the vet said he has to rest
  5. what would you look for when buying a horse
  6. what color horse is your dream horse
  7. your sister wants to ride your horse you tell her
  8. your horse can't jump 2 feet but your friends dared you to what do you do
  9. what is your favorit horse breed
  10. what horse would you want

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Quiz topic: What horse breed am I