What borderlands 2 character are you

Many have wondered what character do i closely resemble in world of borderlands and why do i could possibly be more than one or do i share traits with one

In this test we will compare your likeness with the most dangerouse people on pandora to find who you truly are and why only by completing this short multi answer quiz will we find out

Created by: Isaac
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What weapon best suits you
  2. What element best suits you
  3. Close quarters you would use?
  4. Im a vault hunter because..?
  5. I like to fight by
  6. What describes you best
  7. What gun would you prefer
  8. Which enemies describes you
  9. What super power describes you
  10. What job describes you
  11. What colour are you
  12. What perk do u prefer
  13. The borderlands one charachter i like best was
  14. When im bored i
  15. My back story would include
  16. On my persons would be
  17. When i fight i go for which target first

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Quiz topic: What borderlands 2 character am I