What blader in beyblade burst are you

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Well have you ever wished to be a blader. You wanna start with a burst bey and act like a blader. Well to help you choose this quiz will shine skih high. Take it and find out your blader attidde and your bey. This is gonna be awesome. Press the button to begin if you don't want to then read further for info abut this quiz and the results.

You could get: Wakya muraski , Zac kaneguro Valt aoi, Shu kurenai, Naoki minamo, Rantaro kiyama, Daigo kuragami, Ken midori, Lui shirosagi, Xander shakedera,

Created by: Powerdoomenss
  1. What bey do you want to have
  2. If not in the previous question answer this time
  3. What personality do you have
  4. What personality do you have
  5. How strong would you rate yourself
  6. What do you prefer
  7. What type do u prefer
  8. What will your bey do
  9. What seasons have you watched
  10. What blader do you like
  11. What blader do you like

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Quiz topic: What blader in beyblade burst am I