What Birmingham Party Person are you?

Every town has their party goer's, those people around town at the bars or house parties. If you've ever been to a Birmingham DD party, or one of those crazy Centerpoint parties, you'll know these people. Even if you're not, its fun to find out the kind of party goer you are! These questions should guide you to just that answer.

So, what Birmingham Party Goer are you? Answer these questions and find out which of us you really are! Whether you are the party planner, the drunkard, the lady's man, the bar fly, or the shy gal, give it a try. I hope its fun and no offense to my friends!!

Created by: Chris
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  1. You are in vited to a party. What is your first question?
  2. You're at a party. What are you drinking?
  3. What do you wear to the house party?
  4. There's a party game going on...
  5. There's a party at one of the local dives where a loud band is going to be playing....
  6. You're invited to a BYOB party. What do you bring?
  7. We need to throw a party. What do you help with?
  8. Uh oh, the new person is really really drunk. They need to go home. You...
  9. The Cops show up at the door of the Party!!
  10. The party is over. You...
  11. The day after a party...

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Quiz topic: What Birmingham Party Person am I?