What band member of MCR are you

There Are Some True My Chemical Romance Fans , And Some In The Closet My Chemical Romance Fans. If Your A Closet Fan , or If Your Not , Try this Quiz , You May Be Suprised What You Know About This Great Band.

Oh My God , You Just Stumbled Upon The Greatest Quiz About A Great Band. You Will not Believe How Great You Are As You Answer The Questions About My Chemical Romance.

Created by: MCR FAN 101
  1. What was the first song Gerard Way ever sang in public?
  2. What Year Did My Chemical Romance Form?
  3. How Tall is Frank Iero
  4. What Comic Book was Created By Gerard Way
  5. Which Members In The Band are Brothers?
  6. Name the Second Album That MCR Realised
  7. Why am I hot?
  8. What Multi Rock Bands Concert Did MCR Take Part In?
  9. Who Did Gerard Way Kiss?
  10. How Much Do You Love MCR?

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Quiz topic: What band member of MCR am I