What Ariana Grande song are you?

Many people love Ariana Grande, as well as her amazing songs. Today you will find out exactly which one you are. You have six songs, each reflecting a different Arianator. So, which one are you?

So you want to see what you get? Continue below to my quiz! Don't forget to rate full stars and comment below your results, and if you'd like, answer this #qotd: What is your favorite Ariana Grande song?

Created by: Brooke Madeline
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What store would/do you shop at most often?
  2. Which Selena Gomez song is your favorite?
  3. What outfit is more your style?
  4. What unnatural hair color would you want?
  5. Which emoji is your favorite?
  6. Your ideal party would be...
  7. How late do you stay up?
  8. Which creation featuring Ariana Grande was your fave?
  9. Which of Ariana Grande's new Christmas songs is your fave?
  10. Which person would you collab with?

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Quiz topic: What Ariana Grande song am I?