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  • What are you going to be spanked with?
    Your Result: Switch 91%

    Ok, you've done it now. Your naughtiness knows no bounds and you're now going to pay the price. Go out back and cut a switch. Think about haw bad you've been as you get your bare bottom and legs switched. I hope you don't have to go through this one again.

    88% Belt
    52% Paddle
    42% Hairbrush
    4% Hand

    Oh no not again my husband got the belt and told me to get a switch he gave me a belting first and then switched me my bum hurts so bad I have to sit down I also got a hanging wedgie and my knickers broke

    Fuzzy llama
  • My principal (a man) called the whole school to the main hall (outdoors) and invited all the strangers walking by the school to watch me be punished. He took a paddle, cane, belt, whip, switch, metal ruler, wooden spoon and 4 pieces of ginger. He then stripped me naked and stuffed two pieces of ginger into my back and 2 into my front. He then called few assistant teachers to hold me down against a table while he oiled the things with a liquid which gives an extra burning sensation. He then gave me 3000 with the paddle, 3000 with the cane, 3000 with the belt, 4000 with the whip, 3000 with the switch, 3000 with the metal ruler and 3000 with the wooden spoon. After that, he asked all the teachers in the school to give me 1000 with the whip. The school has about 90 teachers. I was completely naked the whole time with the whole school and a few random passerbys watching me. He then called my parents and they poured he whole bottle of the liquid my headmaster used to oil the things with into my front and gave me 5000 each with the metal ruler, with me in diaper position. They also recorded it and sent it to my extended family.

    Poor Kid
  • I'm 12 and my parents make me do this quiz because I lied about my grades and they told me they were going to give me a spanking and I got the hairbrush but on my bear bottom 50 times!!! Not the first time I did it and they told me if I did it again I would have it 100 times

  • I got switched by my girlfriend she I drove drunk last week and I almost got us into an accident so she was mad. She laid me on on the bed and switched me and then did it to the front of my thighs. Damn I wish I hadnt done that

  • I'm 12 and I had to take this after my parents said they would spank me for not doing the dishes. Definitely not the first and definitely not the last time I got the hairbrush!!!

  • I took this quiz for my parents, and I got the switch. I got it for real. It hurt, and a few hours later we went to a restaurant, and they had wooden chairs. When we got home, I got paddled and diapered up.

  • I was disobeying my babysitter and he pulled me aside and made me take this quiz ive never been spanked by anyone before and i got hairbrush so he spanked me SUPER hard my butt still hurts

  • Glad to see my quiz being used.

  • And yes I do plan on sleeping on my stomach now

  • First time I got the hairbrush but i answered one "wrong" and it turns out I got the belt

  • I got the hairbrush 86 times

  • A switch????!!!!!!!?? ????!!!!!!!!

  • I knew it: the hand.

  • Hairbrush...

  • a hairbrush?

  • Who can spank me in sanantonio

  • Paddle... OW! Well this is YEOUCH! very unconvenient OUCH! now I regret mouthing off to my teacher OWWIE! alot -.-

  • why not

  • hairbrush......


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