What are YOU going to be famous for?

Being famous is an interesting concept. It's sharing your talents, or something you were born with, such as beauty, and using it to become popular to a point where your name is, or can be, known by anyone.

So are YOU going to be famous? Do you have the talent, the determination and the motivation? Find out by taking this awesome quiz! See which talents you should tshare to gain the spotlight.

Created by: Kendra Sorenson
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  1. What are you most likely to be found with in your free time?
  2. Think of your role model(s). Most of them are...?
  3. Have you ever shared your talents in front of lots of people?
  4. What talent did you share?
  5. If you haven't, would you like to?
  6. If you would like to, what would you like to do? Or what else would you like to do?
  7. Would you rather use your voice in front of people to follow (music) notes or a script?
  8. Would you rather use your body to follow a beat with music or walk and do fun poses?
  9. Do you like to do physical things and move around?
  10. Can you keep a beat with music?

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Quiz topic: What am I going to be famous for?