what are you capable of?

there are many types of people, there are many types of personalities, there are many types of jobs (or so they say) how are we supposed to know what 'type' we are?

What are you capable of? Where are you going to head in life? What type are you? are you the type that gets angry? or the type that is happy? or maybe your both? take this quiz to find out!

Created by: bek of myspace
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  1. do you often get frustrated?
  2. do you find yourself switching moods? eg: happy, then sad
  3. do you dislike work but enjoy the money?
  4. do people often say you are weird, crazy etc?
  5. do you often take your anger out on other people?
  6. do you like to go to parties?
  7. do you do drugs?
  8. do you have any wepons?
  9. if your friends were to discribe you in three words they would say.....
  10. what do you most think about?

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Quiz topic: What am I capable of?