What Archetypal Film Student Are You?

Have you ever wondered what kind of film kid you are? Even if you're not studying film, these tropes could apply to anyone who watches movies, so give it a shot. It's a very in-depth quiz that took me an hour to make, so you should take your results to heart as if they were feedback from a beloved mentor or good friend.

Just kidding. It's an internet quiz. It's bulls--- and also, every result is either a facet of my own personality, or a caricature of something I hate, so it's not very fair.

Created by: Nico Bee

  1. What's your favourite movie?
  2. Why do you love film?
  3. It's the eve of your 5-day short film shoot. What do you have ready for craft service?
  4. What do you value most when deciding if a film is "good" or not?
  5. How often do you watch animated movies, documentaries, experimental films, shorts, or other "alternatives" to tradition theatrical feature films?
  6. How do you feel about Disney and Pixar movies?
  7. What is your favourite movie genre?
  8. What was the best decade for film?
  9. What position in film do you most aspire to have?
  10. What was your first short film about?
  11. What is the ideal environment for watching a film in?
  12. What type of film student do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: What Archetypal Film Student am I?