What Anxiety or Phobia do I have?

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This WorryBurd quiz will help with anxiety this test was taken to see what you struggle with so WorryBurd can figure out a way to help you with using fun activities.

WorryBurd will have fun activities and breathing games to help with whatever this test result gave you. You can visit many websites on WorryBurd.com so you can particapte and try to get over your fears.

Created by: Gracie C.
  1. I am in school and someone throws up I..
  2. there is a spider on your shoe you...
  3. You see puke on the ground you..
  4. you see an advertisement of a clown movie you say..
  5. you are at a concert and find out your seats are at the very top of the stadium you..
  6. I look at pictures deep down in the water I...
  7. Someone puts your face under a pillow you.
  8. Your family takes you to the zoo once you enter the animals you...
  9. Your school makes an announcement that there is a flu going around you...
  10. Your parents surprise you with a trip to Hawaii you say..

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