What Anime Type Girl Are You ? ? ?

There are many people who feel like someone evil, immature, daydreamer or someone special trapped inside there bodies. Are you one of these people ? ? ? Would you like to find out which one you are (for the reason above or for fun) ? ? ?

Are YOU an evil demonic sorceress ? ? ? or Are YOU a daydreamer that wishes to be free ? ? ? or maybe YOU are a beautiful super star or an immature comedien waitng to be released. Well all you had was to wonder until this quiz. In just a few moments you will find out. So take this quiz.

Created by: georgia of xox-lil-baybee-george-xox
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you had many boyfriends ? ? ?
  2. Do you daydream alot ? ? ?
  3. Would you say you're evil to boys ? ? ?
  4. have you lots of friends that are boys ? ? ?
  5. Are you immature for your age ? ? ?
  6. If you have/had a sibling would you be/are you:
  7. Do you wish that sometimes you lived in a fairy land where nothing ever went wrong ? ? ?
  8. do you like to play tricks on people ? ? ?
  9. which magical name do you prefer ? ? ?
  10. which of these places would you like to have head-quarters ? ? ?

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Quiz topic: What Anime Type Girl am I ? ? ?