What anime should I watch next?

Have you been at a loss for something to watch? Have you been bored out of your mind trying to find a good anime to watch? well step right up to my quiz. Most of the anime here are pretty obscure so you may have not watched them yet.

welcome to a quiz that will finally give you what you are looking for. Maybe I cant really tell what you like. the answers are all made up of some of my favorite anime that I have never scene in quizzes.

Created by: Jackson

  1. What type of anime are you looking to watch?
  2. Male or female main character?
  3. Higher power?
  4. LGBT
  5. if its romance you want is Harem ok?
  6. What service do you watch anime on?
  7. How do you like you anime?
  8. subbed or dubbed
  9. finally, if you were to watch an anime would you want it to be:
  10. "at least 1 questions are required"

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