What animal looks like you most

It is often said that pets resemble their masters. If you plan to purchase a pet that suits you and which has the same character traits from you: this quiz is for you!

If you were an animal would you rather be a dog, a crocodile, an elephant, a swan, a monkey or a lion? You're anxious to know? Answer the questions and get your answer.

Created by: Mélanie

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  1. How you are in love ?
  2. Which is for you the ideal evening ?
  3. Which is for you the ideal work ?
  4. Which is for you the ideal work ?
  5. How you smell you within a group ?
  6. At your home it is how ?
  7. Who matters most to you?
  8. What is your style ?
  9. How do you think about children ?
  10. What you adore eating?

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