What Animal is your Guardian?

Read the title..Oh wait a minute! It's supposed to be, What animal are u most like!!!!!!!!! oooooops oh hey i only need a few moar characters! one moar character....!

die kill. I hate making these quizzes that have specific requirements don't you?? I know that i do becuase it's all like, so weird! Im soo bored right now aren't you?

Created by: Dayna

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like most?
  2. Favorite colourout of these? (will not effect result)
  3. Do you like water?
  4. RP: While hunting, your friend comes up and scares the fat prey you were about to gwt..What do you do?
  5. hi
  6. Im soo bored x.x
  7. lalallala
  8. dhrdhfksjhegfjdskhfygfyesfsgryghrdy
  10. One moar question...

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Quiz topic: What Animal is my Guardian?