Do You Know? My Rp?

story The night wolf keeps the stars inline and makes other planets.They are the ones that call battle onto wolves and keep a look on the wolves that have done crime. The Night wolves were originally the demons that were sent to the underworld by the light wolf guardian.They stayed there and killed and dragged many wolves to the fiery underworld with them.But when the war snapped the night wolves had the opertunity to escape and they did so and slaughterd the Guardians father Dauske. Eclipse the son's guardian had snapped and fought off the wolves until they called peace onto the lands. They now have peace intact...Or..Do they?...

Over thousands of years your pack has fought for the glory of winning the forest the packs are ruled by two guardians that control light or night powers.The guardians have kept peace over the packs until the light guardian told a young night wolf the future of his pack and the pup told his leader as the night guardian declared war among the two packs and the other packs as well...

Created by: bobhjdu8dsmx

  1. Did Rain Ask Star out?
  2. Did Noki Or Eclipse Fight The Night Wolves?
  3. Eclipse and who are mates?
  4. Did Rain Die?
  5. How Many Royal Guards Does Noki Have?
  6. Which twin sisters did Eclipse vistit?
  7. Did Eclipse die?
  8. During the battle did noki fight?
  9. How Did Scar Die?
  10. Who took over after Scar died
  11. What was 'Moon' Called?
  12. Sky had how many pups?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know? My Rp?